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We believe that you, as our client, should be able to easily view your accounts at any time and see how they are doing. We also know that each client desires different levels of involvement in their accounts. Because of this, we want to be transparent and offer you multiple ways to view your accounts. For those who prefer a more simplified approach, you can access your accounts and their performance directly at the custodian portal (Schwab, LPL Financial, etc.). For those who prefer a more comprehensive analysis, you can access your accounts through the Orion client account portal. All clients with accounts managed at Your Financial Legacy have access to both their custodian portal and the Orion client account portal. Please feel free to check out the description of the portals below and use the one that you are most comfortable with. Lastly, all clients who engage in financial planning with us are able to access our financial planning portal below, as well. 

Orion Client Account Portal

Every one of our investment management clients has access to the Orion Client Portal. Orion is an industry leader for providing best in it's class consolidated performance reporting, planning and aggregation tools. You have the ability to view and manage all the most important elements of your financial life available in a single, secure portal. Have accounts at your employer with a different financial institution? No problem! You can link all your accounts to your Orion client portal so that you can see all of your accounts' performance all in one place. 

Access Your ORION Client Portal Now

Charles Schwab

Looking to log into your Schwab account directly? You can view your Schwab account details at the link below.

If you still haven't created your online user ID yet, you can just click on the "New User" link on the bottom right hand side of the Schwab login page. 


LPL Financial 

Want to log into your LPL account(s) directly? You can view your LPL account details at the link below. 

If you still haven't created your online user ID yet, you can just click on the "Sign up for Account View" link on the bottom left hand side of the LPL login page. 


Financial Planning Portal 

Our Financial Planning Portal is an all-in-one financial planning tool that will bring your full financial picture into view! In this portal, you will not only be able to budget, track spending in various categories, and manage expectations for future spending but you will also have access to a student loan module illustrating different scenarios to help you reduce payments, be able to clearly illustrate multiple scenarios that can affect your finances, perform stress tests, and find out how to maximize your Social Security income. In addition to all of this, you will also be able to bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, and externally-held investment accounts all in one place. We're excited to offer this state-of-the-art tool to help you become confident in making big financial decisions!


Please reach out if you're experiencing any issues logging into your account 

Thank you!