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Meet the Team

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” - 1 Peter 4:10  

Tryssa Pacciulli

Founder & Financial Advisor


Tryssa Pacciulli is the Founder & Financial Advisor at Your Financial Legacy. After spending 15 years in the financial services industry working for a Fortune 500 company and a couple Wealth Management firms, she felt God calling her to start a values based financial planning practice. Tryssa knows the impact that solid financial advice can have on someones life so because of this, she believes that everyone deserves access to an independent, fiduciary, Financial Advisor. No matter what stage of life you are at, whether its just getting started, getting ready to retire or already enjoying your retirement years, she created Your Financial Legacy just for you! 

Throughout Tryssa's career she has focused on educating her clients about the value of financial planning and helping to chart a path to their goals. Mrs. Pacciulli has worked extensively with employees at the University of Florida, the Department of Corrections, FHP, various county school boards and other state agencies throughout North Central Florida. Well versed in the Florida Retirement System, she is able to provide counseling on the Pension Plan, Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) & FRS Investment Plan. She also brings with her a wealth of knowledge on employer sponsored plans, such as the 457b Deferred Comp, 403b Retirement Savings Plans, the Optional Retirement Plan (SUSORP) and many more.

Tryssa is originally from Brazil, grew up in Miami, then came to Gainesville for college.  She is quite passionate about her calling as a Financial Advisor, because as a child she saw first-hand how a lack of guidance and financial planning can affect a family for generations.  Tryssa made it her personal mission that her career be focused on providing financial guidance, graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in finance in 2008.  She has also devoted much time and energy in acquiring multiple investment licenses over the years. Tryssa is very involved with the local community and with her church.  She has volunteered in numerous ways, by mentoring youth, providing financial literacy in schools and teaching at Westside Baptist Church. Tryssa has taught Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for 10 years and has completed the Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training.

Tryssa’s heart lies in serving people, whether through behavioral finance or on mission trips.  Trilingual with Spanish, Portuguese and English, she has served numerous times as a translator and volunteer on medical and dental mission trips in the indigenous villages of the Amazon Basin. Tryssa is married to her high school sweetheart, Johnny and they have two little girls. She loves being out on the water, listening to audiobooks and spending time with family.

Shawn Bennett

Financial Planning Advisor


Shawn Bennett is a Financial Planning Advisor at Your Financial Legacy, having transitioned in February of 2024 from working for a large Fortune 500 company for the last 28 years. Shawn decided to work closer with and offer more to his clients regarding retirement, estate, and gift planning. He can provide hundreds of investment strategies through an affiliation with Inspire Advisors, Inc. and Charles Schwab, Inc.

As an independent registered investment advisor, Shawn is a fiduciary. This means that Shawn is committed to this important standard, requiring his actions to be only in the best interest of his clients, managing investments with care, and not having financial incentives to discuss one investment strategy vs another for monetary gain. A fiduciary advisor signifies an important distinction as many non-fiduciary advisors are limited in investment options and may choose to discuss high-commission insurance/annuity products vs the lower-cost alternatives.

Shawn has dedicated the last 28 years to building relationships and serving his clients' investment and retirement needs and is excited about this new opportunity to improve on past results significantly. Shawn and his wife Sheryl will work together at Your Financial Legacy. They have been married for almost 30 years and serve together in their home, church, and careers.

Family is very important; Shawn and Sheryl have two children, one son-in-law, and two dogs. Shawn's father has dementia; recently, his father and mother moved in with them so they could provide additional care and attention for his father. They both love to travel for pleasure and on mission trips. In the summer of 2023, their family and three close friends submitted Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,341ft (5,895M). They both have a sense of adventure and drive to live life to the fullest. Shawn often tells others that you only live once and aren't getting any younger, so you best set some goals and plan for the future today. Other interests and hobbies include trail riding at San Felasco State Park, HIIT training, golf, and running.

Sheryl Bennett

Financial Advisor


Sheryl Bennett is a Financial Advisor at Your Financial Legacy. Before this, Sheryl was a financial advisor working for a Fortune 500 company. She and her husband, Shawn, decided to join Your Financial Legacy, where they can work with clients more personally and offer a wide range of financial solutions. Sheryl knows the impact of solid financial advice, and because of this, she believes everyone deserves access to an independent, fiduciary Financial Advisor. Sheryl loves working with people in all stages of life, whether they are just getting started, preparing to retire, or already retired. Sheryl wants to help you with your Financial Legacy.

Sheryl has dedicated her life to serving people. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, she worked for 10 years for Siemens, serving clients and helping them solve power generation solutions. Sheryl then served people in real estate, helping them find the perfect home and investment properties. Shawn and Sheryl both own investment properties and enjoy that part of investing. Sheryl also served 13 years at her church, working with college students and many international people. Five years ago, she joined her husband at a Fortune 500 company to serve clients and their financial services needs.

While at the Fortune 500 company, Sheryl worked extensively with employees at the University of Florida and the State of Florida, educating her clients in financial planning and helping them chart a path to their goals. She is also effective at being an accountability partner with her clients as they navigate the rocky waters that happen in life. Mrs. Bennett is well versed in the Florida Retirement System; she can provide counseling on the Pension Plan, Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP), and FRS Investment Plan. She is an expert on employer-sponsored plans, such as the 457b Deferred Comp, 403b Retirement Savings Plans, the Optional Retirement Plan (SUSORP), and many more.

Sheryl is originally from Michigan and grew up in Ohio, Georgia, and Arizona before moving to Florida with her husband and raising their two children in Gainesville. Sheryl is passionate about serving, whether as a volunteer coach just out of college, teaching Financial Peace and Financial Legacy to the community as a volunteer, serving on the board of the Entrepreneurship Program at Buchholz High School and mentoring students there as well as providing mentorship, furniture, and advice to many internationals who are new to the community and in need of resources. Lately, Sheryl has been caring deeply for her family; her in-laws moved in as her Father-in-Law has dementia and needs extra care and attention. Sheryl loves being outside. Recently, she submitted Mt. Kilimanjaro with her family. In her free time, she plays pickleball and enjoys walking her dogs.

Nicholas Bennett

Client Service Coordinator


Nicholas Bennett is the Client Services Coordinator at Your Financial Legacy. He was born in Orlando and lived in Gainesville growing up. He understood the value and importance of financial literacy through his different experiences at Buchholtz High School and through his parents, who are also Financial Advisors and learned from them.

Nicholas studied at the University of Florida, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. After graduating, he worked for Tryssa and is studying for his License exam to become a Financial Advisor and work hand in hand with Tryssa. Beyond the workplace, Nicholas enjoys being outside hiking, traveling, photography, and working out.

Sarah Bennett Farias

Client Service Associate


Sarah Bennett Farias is the Client Service Associate at Your Financial Legacy. She was born in Orlando and grew up in Gainesville. Financial proficiency has always influenced her, and she understands how fundamental financial autonomy is in our clients' lives.

Sarah graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. While studying, Sarah participated in a one-year internship at a Fortune 500 company as a Client Service Coordinator and is ready to serve clients at Your Financial Legacy. After graduation, she married her high school sweetheart and has been married for four years. Sarah enjoys walks with her French bulldog, running with friends, and spending quality time with her family.

Isabela Picoli

Administrative Assistant

Isabela Picoli serves as the Administrative Assistant at Your Financial Legacy. She is originally from Brazil, but has lived in Florida for over half of her life. During her childhood, she saw her parents handling money in a healthy and responsible way, always living at or below their means, which helped shape her view of money. In high school, at her father’s direction, she enrolled in the Academy of Finance, a 4-year magnet program at her school, where she was introduced to finance and learned basic financial principles.

While earning her B.S. in Biology at the University of Florida and the years following her graduation, Isabela came across people her age who considered making unwise financial decisions due to their lack of basic financial knowledge. She realized just how important her parents’ example and the basic financial principles she learned in high school had been to her life, and how beneficial it is to learn these principles at a young age. This led to her desire to help people, especially the younger generation, to be financially literate and have good money habits.

Outside of work, Isabela is involved in International and Children’s ministry through her church and has served on mission trips to the Amazon River Basin as a Vacation Bible School leader and Portuguese translator. She also enjoys going to the beach, visiting extended family in Brazil, and spending time with her parents and twin sister.

Compliance Back Office - Inspire Advisors

Aaron Moon

Chief Compliance Officer

Aaron serves as the Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Inspire Advisors. Inspire Advisors works with independent financial planning practices all across the country, such as Your Financial Legacy, on industry compliance regulation. Aaron ensures that all the firm’s activities are aligned, organized, efficient and compliant. Aspiring to use business as ministry, Aaron joined the management team at Inspire in 2015 as operations were beginning to form. Having a background in financial advising and an MBA from Biola University, Aaron is passionate about using his training and education to inspire change in the world through the way people invest their money.

We Work For You 

Our priority is to help you achieve your financial goals. We do this by talking through your personal situation, learning about your dreams and understanding your comfort level with investing. We spend a lot of time educating our clients and empowering them to reach their financial goals, while leaving a legacy for generations to come. We absolutely love what we do and are honored that we get to walk alongside clients on their financial journey. We know that financial planning is not a one and done process, it takes years of intentionality and we want you to know that we will be here to walk you through it all, each step of the way. 

We are confident that with our understanding of personal finance, coupled with our training as financial professionals, we can help you better prepare for the future. If you are looking for a compassionate team of professionals to guide you, we would love the opportunity to meet you and work with you!

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