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Isabela Picoli

Isabela Picoli

Administrative Assistant

Isabela Picoli serves as the Administrative Assistant at Your Financial Legacy. She is originally from Brazil, but has lived in Florida for over half of her life. During her childhood, she saw her parents handling money in a healthy and responsible way, always living at or below their means, which helped shape her view of money. In high school, at her father’s direction, she enrolled in the Academy of Finance, a 4-year magnet program at her school, where she was introduced to finance and learned basic financial principles.

While earning her B.S. in Biology at the University of Florida and the years following her graduation, Isabela came across people her age who considered making unwise financial decisions due to their lack of basic financial knowledge. She realized just how important her parents’ example and the basic financial principles she learned in high school had been to her life, and how beneficial it is to learn these principles at a young age. This led to her desire to help people, especially the younger generation, to be financially literate and have good money habits.

Outside of work, Isabela is involved in International and Children’s ministry through her church and has served on mission trips to the Amazon River Basin as a Vacation Bible School leader and Portuguese translator. She also enjoys going to the beach, visiting extended family in Brazil, and spending time with her parents and twin sister.