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Sheryl Bennett

Sheryl Bennett

Financial Advisor

Sheryl Bennett is a Financial Advisor at Your Financial Legacy. Before this, Sheryl was a financial advisor working for a Fortune 500 company. She and her husband, Shawn, decided to join Your Financial Legacy, where they can work with clients more personally and offer a wide range of financial solutions. Sheryl knows the impact of solid financial advice, and because of this, she believes everyone deserves access to an independent, fiduciary Financial Advisor. Sheryl loves working with people in all stages of life, whether they are just getting started, preparing to retire, or already retired. Sheryl wants to help you with your Financial Legacy.

Sheryl has dedicated her life to serving people. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering, she worked for 10 years for Siemens, serving clients and helping them solve power generation solutions. Sheryl then served people in real estate, helping them find the perfect home and investment properties. Shawn and Sheryl both own investment properties and enjoy that part of investing. Sheryl also served 13 years at her church, working with college students and many international people. Five years ago, she joined her husband at a Fortune 500 company to serve clients and their financial services needs.

While at the Fortune 500 company, Sheryl worked extensively with employees at the University of Florida and the State of Florida, educating her clients in financial planning and helping them chart a path to their goals. She is also effective at being an accountability partner with her clients as they navigate the rocky waters that happen in life. Mrs. Bennett is well versed in the Florida Retirement System; she can provide counseling on the Pension Plan, Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP), and FRS Investment Plan. She is an expert on employer-sponsored plans, such as the 457b Deferred Comp, 403b Retirement Savings Plans, the Optional Retirement Plan (SUSORP), and many more.

Sheryl is originally from Michigan and grew up in Ohio, Georgia, and Arizona before moving to Florida with her husband and raising their two children in Gainesville. Sheryl is passionate about serving, whether as a volunteer coach just out of college, teaching Financial Peace and Financial Legacy to the community as a volunteer, serving on the board of the Entrepreneurship Program at Buchholz High School and mentoring students there as well as providing mentorship, furniture, and advice to many internationals who are new to the community and in need of resources. Lately, Sheryl has been caring deeply for her family; her in-laws moved in as her Father-in-Law has dementia and needs extra care and attention. Sheryl loves being outside. Recently, she submitted Mt. Kilimanjaro with her family. In her free time, she plays pickleball and enjoys walking her dogs.